Do you know who this girl is?


How about now?



The truth is, this stunning lady is one of the most used stock image models! If you’ve ever had time to browse through the Internet ( 🙂 ) or look at posters on the streets, I’m sure you’ve come across this girl too.

So why am I telling you this?

I really want you to think carefully about the images you are using on your website.

In the beginning, stock images were a great way to add high quality images to your website and make it look professional. Unfortunately, times have changed and as with any good thing… it’s been over used.

What was once a great tool to boost the appearance of your website is now a surefire way to turn people off.

Yes, turn people off!

So I wanted to share my top three favourite resources that will help bring some life back into your stock images and really make your website stand out.

1. Pexels

The first sign of a “typical” stock image can be the use of over enthusiastic or forced poses. The images lack personality and almost all look the same (just like soap operas, you just know what it is as soon as you see it). My first resource would be to search for images with Pexels (it’s free too). They have hundreds of incredibly unique and stunning images and cover a wide range of themes.

stock image demo


2. Haute Chocolate

Looking for beautiful desk or workspace images? I am absolutely in love with the stock library at Haute Chocolate (and how neat is that name?). Rachel has created beautifully diverse images that actually look like they could have been taken from your workspace. You can sign-up for a free monthly stock image or pay just $199/year for the whole library!



3. Creative Market*

That’s right, Creative Market! You’ll be delighted to know that they offer so much more than just pretty graphics and fonts, they also have a large selection of mock up images too! My tip when searching for their images is to add the word “mock up” when searching for any styled desk or office images. Just like Haute Chocolate, the images all look like they could have been taken from your stunning workspace which is key to making them fit in with your website and brand. 
* I love Creative Market so much that I have now become an affiliate! Only things that I have tested and love will be shared as affiliate links.

fi-frImage by: White Hart Design Studio (She’s on Creative Market, check her out!)


Now, those are just three resources that I love but there are so many others out there. The most important thing that I want you to take away from this is to get creative when searching for stock images. The more unique the image, the more it will appeal to your web visitors and make your site shine!


Over to you, have you been using stock images? If so, what have been your favourite websites to get them?

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