This week we’ll be speaking with Mimi Ikonn from and!

Mimi Ikonn is a serial entrepreneur and YouTuber. Best known for the Luxy Hair brand and Youtube Channel which has 2.8+ millions subscribers and 350+ million views on Youtube. Luxy Hair is one of Shopify’s largest eCommerce stores. Mimi is also co-founder of Intelligent Change which has created best-sellers like The Five Minute Journal (100,000+ copies sold) and the Productivity Planner. 

Mimi is passionate about self-growth and sharing her personal findings with the world through her videos on her personal YouTube channel. Mimi lives in London, UK with her husband Alex Ikonn.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Mimi transitioned from working one-on-one to her product based business idea.
  • How to leverage Youtube for your business.
  • Mimi’s strategy for selling on Youtube authentically.
  • If you really need expensive equipment to start your channel.
  • How Mimi overcame depression and anxiety and why she is so open about it.
  • Simple and actionable strategies to take your Youtube channel to the next level.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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